My Wish List

Sailing Lessons
Aiming for Ocean Yachtmaster, but I need to start small.
ASA101 ~$400-$500
ASA103 ~$520-$555
ASA104 ~$530
ASA105 ~$450
ASA106 ~$910
ASA114 (Taken at any point after ASA104)
ASA117 ~$199-$399 (Can be done out of sequence.)
ASA119 ~$199-$399 (Can be done out of sequence.)
Prices as of 26 Aug 2016
Tonneau Cover
For use with lock box, or one with an integrated toolbox.
Truck Bed Extender
Video Camera
VIRB XE or GoPRO Hero4 Black
Tow Hitch
Solar USB Charger
Probably several
CB Radio
Car unit for the truck. Portable for travel.
Weather Radio
Easily powered by a car's power system.
Flasher or available flasher attachment.
Outdoor Sink
A sink designed to attach to a hose. Ideally, a metal bowl with an integrated faucet.
Wider tyres (not street bike tyres) - comparable to those on a mountain bike.
Bike Trailer
To tow behind bike.
Should fit two children.
Requires bike first.
Immersion Blender
Stand Mixer
FRS Radio Set
4 handsets
Cargo Bars
Bars to go across the top of the truck bed to support a roof top tent and occupants.
Sit/Stand Desk Converter
Similar to this one.
Weather Station
Would also need a mounting kit.