Accomplished Something

Today has been an interesting day. I’ve had all sorts of little things go wrong. Started the day in a foul mood for no reason. Yelled at the kids for no reason. Got out and ran errands. Came back after picking up lunch. Spilled my soda and fries all over the floor.

But, I finally fixed the radio in the truck (it’s been a year or so). It turns out that before I switched the head unit, I did something stupid. The left side rear speaker wire had been hanging in the foot well. I tossed it over the emergency brake handle (it’s a t-handle next to the steering column). What I hadn’t expected, nor noticed was that the speaker wire got caught and drug back into the tube around the handle rod. Somewhere back there, the wire broke. I pulled the wire out. Of course, it severed completely. So, I patched it back together and reconnected the harness. Now, I have all four speakers.

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